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Lighting: Movement: Emotion

Chris Reynolds DOP shoot on location foo

About Me -

 I've been a freelance DoP since 2010 and being creative, enthusiastic and passionate about my work is what i enjoy the most.

I started in the TV industry after i left school and worked for several years in Sound Post Production. I made the move to camerawork back in 2000 and haven't looked back.

Whether i'm lighting and shooting for a four camera interview, filming all around the world for corporate shoots or creatively filming a watch commercial, i'll always bring a creative flair to the shoot.


Doccumentaries - Factual

Georgia Vs Bear - Revenge Porn (Multistory/ITV2)

Women and the Police : Inside Story (Multistory/ITV)

Secrets of UK Prisons Untold - (Dare Pics/CH4)

When Blondie Came to Britain (Wise Owl/BBC2)

When Nirvana Came to Britain (Wise Owl/BBC2)

When Motown Came to Britain (Wise Owl/BBC2)

This is Deaf (S1 & S2) BSL show for deaf community (Signpost)

Jihad on Europe (Artline Films France/ Canal+)

Lighting Up Christmas (True North/ITV)

Harry & Meghan: A Royal Crisis? (ITV)
Last Days of George Michael (CH5)
The Life and Loves of Boris Johnson (CH5)
Flights from Hell – Caught on Camera (ITV)
Planes that built Britain (CH4)
Is Meat Still Safe? (ITV)
Acid Attacks: How scared should we be? (ITV)
ITV Changed My Life – 60 Years Celebration (ITV)
Real Stories – Kelli Attwater (ITV)
Real Stories – Julie Neville ITV)
Vidal Sassoon: The Movie 
The Queens Obit Documentary (ITV & ITN)
Prince Philip Obit Documentary (ITV) 
The Border Blocking Brexit (ITV)


Documentaries - Crime & Murder

The Kidnapping of Shannon Matthews (CH5)

Murdered by my Fiancé: The Helen Bailey Story (CH5)

Josef Fritzel: What Happened Next? (CH5)

Five Mistakes that caught a killer: Ian Huntley (CH5)

Prophets Int - Upcoming Netflix documentary

Sarah Payne: A Mothers Story (CH5)

The Murder of Rhys Jones (CH5)

Kids Who Kill (CH5)

The Murder of Tia Sharp: My Daughter (CH5)

Stalked: Murder in Slow Motion (CH5)

Clues that caught the Killer (CH5)

The Murder of April Jones: Five Years On (CH5)

Dispatches – Gun Crime (CH4)

Tech Abuse – Stopping The Stalkers (ITV)

Corporate Clients

First Quantum Minerals
Talking Talent
Coutts & Co
Ulster Bank
Amnesty Int
Navigator – Comms & Strategy
Luton Airport
Marks & Spencer

Lifestyle & Entertainment

Traitors S1 - Cam Op (Studio Lambert/BBC)

Davina MacCall's - Language of Love (2LeMedia/CH4)

Double The Money - Cam op (South Shore)

Eating With My Ex  Cam op & DoP (Thames/BBC3)

Living The Life - Series 2 & 3 (Sky Arts)
National Book Awards 2018 (CH4)
Celebs Go Dating (BBC3)
Selling Houses With Amanda Lamb (More4)
French Collection (CH4)
A Place in the Sun (CH4)
Coast VS Country (CH4)
The Great British Menu (BBC1)
My Kitchen Rules (CH4)

Camera & Lens Kit

Sony FX9 FF Cine Camera
Sony FX6 FF Cine Camera
Sony A7Siii FF Camera
Fujinon 20-120 Super 35mm Zoom Lens  Tonika 11-20mm PL Lens 
Full E-mount Primes and Zooms

Lighting, Grip, Sound and Transportation

2 x Aputure 300D MK11 - with soft boxes and pancake.   

2 x Amaran F21X   Flexi-panels with Softboxes

4 x Aputure 60x  with soft boxes and fresnel mounts.

Field Monitor - Portkeys BM7 7" 2500 NIT monitor in directors cage.    

Studio Monitor - Osee 15" Megamon 10bit monitor

Hollyland wireless TX/TX video system.

Proaim 4ft large Camera Slider &  Digi-Dolly 8ft track system. 

DJI Ronin RS2 Gimbal

Edelkrone Slider & remote control system

VW Transporter with room for four passengers 



Brexit - Working and Filming in the EU from 1st January 2021

As film crew, we’ve been so used to being able to climb onto an aeroplane, board a train or drive to anywhere in Europe, for the purposes of filming. From January 1st 2021 that changes!


In the past, production managers and film companies did not  have to worry about work visas or Carnet’s for filming equipment within the European Union. All we  needed was our ‘European’ passports to travel unchallenged. 


The good news is when engaging my services as a Director of Photography however, nothing changes. I have dual citizenship for the UK and Ireland, making it easy to work in all European Countries without any additional of work permits. When employing me for your next project, you'll also receive : 

  1. ITA Carnet listing camera and full kit

  2. International Motor Insurance Green Card

  3. International Driving Permit (IDP 1968)

  4. Fully equipped five seater Volkswagen Transporter 



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